microsuction7Ear wax – the natural protection that builds up within the ears in order to keep unwanted foreign bodies out – is absolutely normal. It is essential, in fact, to prevent infection and ear and hearing problems. But sometimes issues can arise if the ear wax cannot escape the ear (one of the causes of this is often due to wearing a hearing aid, for example), or it is slowed for some reason (it does this naturally with age). When this happens, the wax forms a sort of plug that causes problems including pain and hearing loss.

The quickest, safest, and best way to have this blockage cleared is for it to be done professionally. For many, the first – and often only – thought that comes to mind is syringing, also known as irrigation. Syringing involves a pressurised flow of water that is inserted into the ear. This water then dislodges the build up of ear wax, making it easier to remove. Rather than a metal syringe (which was how it used to be done), a special electronic ear irrigator is used – this means that the pressure can be controlled. There are problems with syringing, however, that include potential damage to the ear canal and, on some occasions, the wax can accidentally be pushed further into the ear.

MicroSuction Ear Wax Removal

Another option is microsuction. This little known method of removing ear wax is a safer way to do it, as it allows the ear canal to remain visible to the clinician at all times, so they won’t be able to accidentally do any damage to it. On top of this, no water is put into the ear, which is why this option is the one now favoured by practitioners.

In fact, rather than putting anything into the ear at all, microsuction involves a special suction device that is put over the ear, effectively sucking the ear wax out of the canal without any tools having to enter it. It is quick, extremely safe, and painless (although it may feel a little odd at first).

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