Hearing Loss because of Ear Wax Build UpIssues with Hearing Loss because of Ear Wax Build Up are common and in the majority of cases, earwax falls out on its own without the need to remove it. However, if earwax is totally blocking your ear, or if any of the following symptoms are present, it may need to be removed:

  • hearing loss,
  • earache,
  • tinnitus (noises in your ear that come from an internal source),
  • vertigo (the feeling that you are moving while you are still), or
  • a cough.

Sometimes, earwax may also need to be removed to make an impression of the ear canal for a hearing aid mould, or if the earwax is causing the hearing aid to whistle.

If your earwax cannot be removed with eardrops and/or ear irrigation, or if you are unsuitable for these treatments, our exciting new treatment option may be considered. microsuction is a technique that uses a gentle level of suction under a microscope.

Although there is no clinical evidence to show the effectiveness of mechanical methods of removing earwax (apart from irrigation), many ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialists regard microsuction as a routine treatment method.

Causes of Hearing Loss because of Ear Wax Build Up

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