Spring Clean

Every season of the year has a certain theme running through:

Summer is that of play and joy – the sunlight upon your eyes forces your eyes to squint and your mouth to smile (and the heat of the rays upon you strengthen these feelings).

Autumn is a somber time. The heat falls and the trees begin their moulting to produce some spectacular sights and sounds whilst going out walking.

Winter. What could be a dark, dreary time of solitude where people find it difficult to reach one another in the bustling wind is actually a time of cheer. A celebration of times gone by and a chance to rekindle nostalgic spirits.

And then, there is Spring…

After the year has passed, the celebrations have settled, Spring arrives. The sun peaks out from the clouds and the shoots grow. Consider what Spring symbolises; it is a time of new beginnings. Starting fresh. Cleaning up and re-affirming where you are. The ever pervading term ‘Spring Clean’ rings through us as beings as our bodies tell us: “Let’s refresh”.

And, so we do. Our houses are turned upside down. Our cars are vacuumed and new clothes are bought. Eyes are checked. We go to the physician. The doctor. Running and walking classes begin.That feeling of calm resonates around us and we are at peace…

Or are we?

“What have I missed?” I hear you say.

If you haven’t guessed already (since we are called Ear Wax Removal UK), it is in fact your ears.

You see, ear wax is an area of your body you can’t see. Yet, the way it can make you feel can range from awful (when clogged up) to spectacular (once you are clean).

Now you have that information, you may consider going to the bathroom cupboard and reaching for a cotton bud, but I say HOLD ON A MINUTE and I’ll try and convince you to reconsider…

Although it feels great to have a good old scratch with an ear bud, when we do this, it causes more harm than good. The reason for this is that when the ear bud is inserted into the canal and touches the wax blockage, it actually pushes it further in and makes it even more difficult to remove!

Years ago, when I first heard about that, I was a bit shocked too, but alas it is true.

“So if I can’t use ear buds what am I supposed to do?”

Traditionally, many people have gone to the doctor for ear wax syringing. It had been done for years and was known as the quickest way of getting the wax out without resorting to methods like surgery. This was done by applying a jet of water into your ear canal and forcing out the wax. Neat eh? However, it has a big  drawback. It has been found to have a certain risk; ear drum perforation. In layman’s terms this means a whole in your ear drum. Sounds pretty bad doesn’t it? Well it is.

Consider this:

Your ear’s primary function is to provide your brain with sound frequencies so that you as a person can understand your friends and family as clearly and comfortably as possible. And as part of your ear is the ear drum whose job is to transmit the incoming sounds to another part of your ear called the Middle Ear.

Now, I don’t know about you but if I thought there was any risk of damaging a key part of my ear, then I would look for an alternative.Ear Wax Removal Clinics

Funnily enough, that is exactly what we did.

We found a new way of cleaning ear wax called ear wax microsuction and after heaps of training for a number of years and also even more years of self-practice, we have conquered it.

By using a tiny nozzle like tube, we are able to safely and gently remove the ear wax without resorting to techniques that force it to come out (when it comes to medical things, the word ‘force’ doesn’t tend to be a good thing’).

Not only that, but by using a video otoscope – medical speak for a tiny video camera – you can actually see a before and after picture of your ear canal following the treatment.

How about that for a spring clean?


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Has your Spring clean stalled? Are you missing something out?

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